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The academic publication is the subfield of the publication that distributes academic research and scholarships. Most academic work is published in articles in academic journals, books or theses. The part of written academic production that is not formally published but simply printed or published on the Internet is often called "gray literature." Most scientific and academic journals, and many academic and academic books, although not all, rely on some form of peer review or editorial arbitration to rate the texts for publication. The quality and selectivity standards of peer review vary greatly from one journal to another, from one editor to another and from one field to another.

Here is our Academic Projects For

  • Direct Link to abstract
  • Open access to all researchers
  • Author can search article by name, title or keywords
  • Direct link to abstract on each article
  • Statistics of each article as no. of times it viewed and downloaded
  • Fast publication process
  • Suggestion to author if article need modification
  • Post-publishing work like indexing of each article to different database

  • Journal publishes online as well as print version
  • Print version dispatch to author within a week of online version
  • Proper peer review process
  • Journal provide digitally signed e-certificates to all author after the publication of paper
  • Complete statistics of Every issue will be display on the same date of issue releasing Publish all national & International journals/conferences in the fields of engineering.i.e.,UGC,Elsevier,IEEE etc..

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